Thursday, June 15, 2017

The NBA championship

2016-2017 season NBA baton, the golden state warriors, the fifth in the NBA finals in the battle for the home to a 129-120 victory over the defending champion Cleveland cavaliers, cheap nfl hats, with total score of 4 to 1 to win, win a championship trophy. Golden state star durant was named the FMVP (MVP of the finals).
The warriors were in charge of the game, and the cavaliers did a few things, but eventually fell short. It was also the golden state who won the championship again in the 2014-15 season. In the playoffs this season, the warriors scored a record 16-1 record in NBA history.
Durant scored more than 30 points per game in game 5. "We won, we were the champions, and it was great to be here at home," he said excitedly after the match. The game contribution of 34 points and 10 assists warriors star garage laments: "we learned from the past failure. Can become a part of the team, I feel very lucky, also very proud."
The defending defeat left the cavaliers in a bad mood. The cavaliers coach, Terran Lou, revealed that many of his players were crying in the locker room. "they really wanted to win the championship." The cavaliers' star, James, cheap jerseys, made the unprecedented record in the NBA finals with triple-double figures. "I've done my best, I've done everything... we'll be back," he admits.

Park was seriously injured

Spurs' starting point guard, France veteran Tony parker was injured in the western conference finals for the second, cheap nfl jerseys, which is lead to team in the series is one of the reasons for the 4-0 sweep warriors. In an interview with a European press yesterday, parker revealed that his injuries were serious and would take at least half a year.
The media quoted parker's own words, his injury was diagnosed with the left leg quadriceps tendon rupture, which was judged as a few playoff games after submit an expense account. Parker has said he is confident he will lead the team to reverse the series and even win the championship if he is not hurt. According to the current condition, parker is expected to injured 6 to 8 months, in this way, even in the new season began, the French could not appear in the first two to three months, at least until next January to return. Starting point guard, this will seriously affect the spurs' offensive organization, and even when parker can fit, cheap snapbacks, has 35, he can keep the previous state is unpredictable.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hit 30 million

Serie a giants Juventus have won serie a and the coppa italia, cheap jerseyswinner of the current team will fight for the champions league, although the team performance, but the bianconeri still eager to introduce reinforcements in the summer. Juventus have introduced a number of full-backs in the summer and have been dubbed the defender's team, while juve are still in the squad this summer. The bianconeri have seen Porto guard felipe felipe, who is worth 30 million euros, according to the Portuguese press. According to il corriere dello sport, Juventus currently are paying close attention to Barcelona midfielder andres iniesta's contract, once the small white cannot contract with Barcelona, Juventus will make moves, while alves will act as lobbyists.
With Mr, Juventus centre-half Andrea barzagli, giorgio chiellini, boehner tia and lu California five people, although the number of many, and five people good, but Andrea barzagli and the age of giorgio chiellini some big, cheap snapback hatscannot assure the competitive state of two people, so the bianconeri will buy central defender in the summer.
According to the Portuguese press the ball, central defender felipe felipe of the Portuguese giants Porto has become a major focus for juve. Felipe, 28, joined Porto from corinthians for 6.2 million euros last summer, when Porto bought 75 percent of the property. In the Portuguese league this season, felipe, in the Portuguese league play 32 times, averaging two tackles, clearance interception, 4.4 times, 2.4 times and 0.6 times of the block.
Height 191 cm, felipe has a great header advantages not only in the defense, in attack also often use free-kick in the front, in the Portuguese league this season, fake oakley sunglassesfelipe is twice through a header from a free-kick. Juventus are also impressed by a defender who is both defensive and defensive. The Porto club also decided to spend another 5 million euros over the summer to buy the remaining 25 percent of felipe.
But Porto will not keep felipe in the team, even though he and his team of the breach of contract in the contract of 50 million euros, but Porto marked for its psychological price is 30 million euros, only took the money and juve are fully capable of.
According to the Italian media il corriere dello sport and la gazzetta dello sport, Juventus are closely watching this yet with andres iniesta and Barcelona's renewal. Barcelona in recent period of time, and the team of core player contract, Sue god, evolved the players signed a contract extension with the team, wholesale jerseysbut barca have hesitated and andres iniesta renewal contract expires in 2018.
And this also caused the juve's interest, although iniesta games in all competitions this season battle is not much, but in playing against real Madrid and atletico Madrid and bayern Munich blockbuster game, iniesta has a good play. And Juventus, who have been lured into the club by the old man, want to buy the little white fillers.
It is understood that juve will pay a higher price for the small white, and will expel alves, a former Barcelona team-mate from andres iniesta, cheap mlb hatsas a lobbyist. The reports also point to the possibility that sampdoria and AC milan's descilio could be the first two of the club's summer signings.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Face it

    However mean your life is ,cheap mlb hats, do not shit it and curse it.It is not looks as bad as you are. Sometimes,life maybe will kick our ass and make our's normal.who will know I'am now working with David together this afternoon, face to face in a table  after we all
graduated from college is so amazing.
    Maybe those months made me negative,and I'm not manage my attitude totally.but now ,I will change it ,think positively.face problem straightly.keep good attitude to myself.
    yesterday,I told to my girl friend I'm surely will to see her grandfather and will do it nfl jerseys, told her don'tworry about it.I will face it.

When is the day?

Day passes. No big issue, no big deal. It seems there is so much obstacle on the way to reach the dream. Life is going on, we need to face some issue we like, and some other issue we don't. As a matter of fact, wholesale jerseys, it is not easy to stick to what we want always. So often we meet the obstacle. That is the reason why so many people can't keep on their dream and give up finally. I am not that kind of people. I need to stick to what I want, stick to what I plan, stick to what I dream for. I must pay more attention to what I do eveyday, be more patient, and handle everything more carefully. When the dream come true some day in future, I will thank for the every traifle I do today.

Crying When Marriage

How time flies! It seems that we grown up in the twinkling of an eye. A series of troubles presented themselves inevitably in front of us one by one with increase of the age. Especially, marriage has become unquestionably a sticky issue for us. Today, cheap jerseys, I witnessed the weeding of my elder sister with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, I wish my sister gets true live and live happily. On the other hand, I was loath to part with her. In my memory, she is always a naughty kid who can play with me forever. I haven't prepared for anything to accept the fact that she is going to leave me and live with another man forever. Therefore, I hardly control my tears trickled down as soon as thought of the fact that my sister might be aggrieved in her husband's family. In reality, compared to my aunt and uncle's, my anxieties seems to outshine. After all, my sister is their favorite daughter.They were no longer to repress their inner passion and bursted into tears when sister kneel to them.
I can understand their behaviors. In our country, once girls got married, cheap snapback hats, they have to leave their parents, brothers, sisters and relatives, or even familiar home. Even girls go back to their mother's home from husband's home again, they will be treated as guests. It is an awful feeling for girls and their parents.I am a girl too. The similar scene is bound to happen to me. Anxieties and worries are in vain. Thus I prefer to face the reality in a positive mind, embracing inevitable challenge. In my weeding party, I will console my parents with a brilliant smile. And say: "Don't worry about me! Nothing will change but increase of number of loving me. I am still your daughter and I love you forever.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Appreciate life

Appreciate life.
Recently, I heard about an unpleasant thing, which is about Li Han. Li Han, who is ever graduated from a very famous university named Zhongnan University Of Economics And Law. He had worked in China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd for one month before he died. Though everyone has the right to choose, we are still supposed to choose living instead of death. Anyway, the most precious thing is the life. Life belongs to us only once, cheap nfl jerseys, so we should appreciate every moment. What matters isn't what happens to you in life, what really matters is how you react to it. I wish everyone can appreciate his own life and work hard.